Writing LGBTQ+ Therapy Pages for Your Private Practice Website

When crafting a therapist website, it’s not just about presenting qualifications and modalities; it’s about creating a space that resonates with the clients you want to help. If you are an LGBTQ+ affirming therapist, it’s important to thoughtfully write LGBTQ+ inclusive content so you’ll actively signal to queer folks that you not only ‘get it’…

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What to Do When Content Is Stolen from Your Therapist Website

Content theft is an unfortunate reality for many professionals, including therapists. When you put effort into creating original content for your website, it can be disheartening to find that someone else has copied it. Here’s a guide on what to do if you find your content stolen, with practical steps and emotional support tips. How…

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7 Ethical Alternatives To Testimonials Any Therapist Can Use On Their Website

Should I use testimonials as a therapist? And if not, what are some alternatives? Let’s discuss! For Most Industries, Testimonials Build Trust For most businesses, testimonials can hold significant influence over guiding potential clients and customers. Testimonials build trust through validating the efficacy of a product or service through the experience of others.  It’s kind…

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F**k Yeah! Cursing Your Way to More Clients On Your Therapist Website

As the cursor blinks incessantly, an f-bomb-loving therapist stares in contemplation over her therapist website copy. As her brow furrows and and shoulders tighten, her mind is swirling to figure out if “sh*t” belongs on her website.  But literally the word “sh*t” To swear or not to swear? That is the question. And that question…

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Your Therapist Website Is For Sales, Not Education

When we talk about “sales” on a therapist website, what we’re referring to is the experience, from design to words, that helps a website visitor become a client. When done well, the experience for your visitor includes: Deeper aspects of sales, such as confirming fit and caring for any further concerns are a continuation of…

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How Can I Add A Client Portal To My Therapist Website?

Therapist with their cat happy because they can add a client portal to their therapist website

It’s important to make the exchange of documents and messages with your clients as easy as possible, so it makes sense if you’re asking something like, “how can I add a client portal to my therapist website?”  Maybe there could be a login page where your client could set up a user account and access…

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9 Easy Ways To Update Your Therapy Practice Website

Therapist at laptop using easy ways to update their therapy practice website

Whether the copy feels dead, the images just don’t give the right vibes, or something is just no longer feeling like it reflects you, there comes a time when you’ll be needing to give your therapy website an update. Let’s walk through 9 of the easiest ways you can update your therapy website today. Many…

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Should You List Your Fees On Your Therapist Website?

Private practice therapist looking surprised over their laptop about the question of listing fees on their therapist website

“Should I list my fees on my therapist website?” is a question that induces anxiety in many private practice therapists. And it can be a wild ride. One minute you feel like there is no way you will ever post your fees and the next, you exclaim, “no, I really ought to!” There are thoughts…

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