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Empathycopy guest post submission guidelines


Empathycopy is a team of website professionals who are passionate about therapist websites.

The Empathycopy blog helps private practice therapists attract more clients through website and marketing content.


You have a passion for helping. You like to create content because it educates and inspires.

You have a particular interest in helping psychotherapists and have a online presence that shows you are dedicated to helping in the business of mental health field.

We are not considering guest submissions from outside of the therapist-helper space at this time. If you are not offering assistance, products, or services to therapists in private practice, note that we will likely reject your submission.

Why You Should Write for the Empathycopy Blog

Our blog is a known and trusted resource for therapists in private practice who are working on their websites and online presence.

What You Get

  • Your article in the empathycopy.com blog
  • Image and byline at the top of the article
  • Image and authorbox at the end of the article with one follow backlink
  • Your post sent to over 2,700 email list subscribers (40%+ average open rate)
  • Social shares of your post across all of our social media channels

Topics We Cover

Here are the types of topics we cover on the Empathycopy blog. Of course these are broad ideas rather than narrow suggestions. Articles on these topics or closely related are more likely to be considered for publication.

  1. Therapist website content
    1. Copy
    2. Images
    3. EHR website integration
  2. Inbound digital marketing strategies
    1. Email marketing
    2. SEO
    3. Social media
    4. Guest blogging
  3. Outbound digital marketing strategies
    1. Paid search ads (Google ads)
    2. Paid social ads (FB ads, Instagram ads)
  4. Inspiration
    1. Validate the therapist private practice marketing experience and provide tips and insights to help

Article Writing Guidelines

So that you can send us an amazing article that will be likely to be accepted, here are the guidelines to follow:

  • Articles should be at least 800 words but not more than 2000 or so.
  • Articles need to be original and unpublished elsewhere
  • Articles need to have a succinct, compelling headline
  • Speak directly to our audience of private practice therapists interested in getting or improving their therapist website or greater online presence
  • Use best practices when it comes to formatting articles for readability on the web including: headlines, subheadlines, bulleted lists
  • Images do not need to be included (we will select and provide an appropriate image) but feel free to include ideas for any images or data that could be turned into a graphic if it helps drive forward your points
  • Optimize for SEO - if you have a target keyword that you have optimized for, let us know that you have

What Happens When We Accept An Article

If your article is accepted, you will hear from us in 3-4 weeks. If you have not followed the guidelines outlined on this page, you will likely not hear back from us.

If you are accepted, we'll let you know. Please keep in mind we may edit your article, including the headline, to conform to the Empathycopy.com blog standards.

You retain the copyright to the post but we ask that you not republish the article in it's entirety elsewhere.

By submitting an article to us, you give us the right to use your article, with full attribution to you, within our products or marketing materials. We may ask you to sign a release to this effect.

There is no financial compensation for guest contributions.

How To Send Us Your Article

When you have an article ready for our consideration, please email it to hello@empathycopy.com

Here is what to include in your email:

Subject: [Guest Post Submission]

Body: Just say hi


    • Your full article in .docx or .doc format
    • Your author bio in .docx or .doc format - please include your desired backlink in your bio
    • Your best headshot

Note that if you or your content are not a match for our blog or if you do not follow the guidelines, you will likely not hear back from us. Please feel free to seek out the publication of your work elsewhere starting 4 weeks after submitting to Empathycopy.

Thank you and look forward to reading your guest post!