Our experts share their top tips, how-tos, and insights to help therapists improve their therapist website when it comes to both copy and content.

How To Write The Best About Me Page for Your Therapist Website

A therapist’s About Me page is one of the most important pages on their therapy website.  If you get the about me page correct, it will help your website visitors…

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How To Update Your Therapist Website For COVID-19

5 ways to update your therapist website to be more clear about how you’re available during this challenging time.

Q&A: Should I Use Inspirational Quotes On My Therapist Website?

Q: “I have a quote which really defines the core of therapy for me (or part of it). It’s very dear to me, and I always thought it should be…

5 Common Mistakes That Make Your Therapist Website Copy Ineffective

Website copy is only effective if it helps your website visitor know who you are and reach out for your help. But writing effective copy is more challenging than it…

Q&A: Where Should I Put Info About Special Training On My Website?

Q: “I also am trained in EMDR and would like to highlight and include this somehow in my site. There are very few therapists who practice this in my area…

Are You Being Too Salesy On Your Therapist Website?

What does it mean when we say something is “salesy?” For me, something feels salesy when I’m being pressured, cheated, convinced, or fooled into needing something that I actually don’t…

Service Page vs. Specialization Page: Are You Confusing The Two?

If you are new to being online or if you’ve been online a while, knowing how to write and organize your website’s copy can be challenging. One thing that can…


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