As the cursor blinks incessantly, an f-bomb-loving therapist stares in contemplation over her therapist website copy. As her brow furrows and and shoulders tighten, her mind is swirling to figure out if “sh*t” belongs on her website. 

But literally the word “sh*t”

To swear or not to swear? That is the question. And that question is f**king hard to answer! 

Should she dare to include a few curse words? Should she say, “fuck it” and be true to who she is and how she speaks? Or will doing so ostracize her from the professional community?

What is the impact of swearing on human connection? Is there space for authentic, unfiltered language in private practice marketing? 

Yes. You Can Curse On Your Therapist Website

There’s no law saying that therapists can’t swear – in life, practice, or in their marketing. So if you want to swear on your therapist website, you may. 

But even if you can do so legally, it doesn’t mean you should. The true question is if cursing on your website is right for you. To determine if colorful language should be your thing, take a minute to ponder the following questions. Can you answer them with “f*ck yeah!”?

  1. Do I swear in session? Some therapists swear in session and some don’t. Are you the swearing type?
  2. Do I swear in my practice out of empathy? Maybe you don’t swear but you would in the heat of empathetic reflection. “Sounds like your fed up. I hear frustration when you said, ‘you’re fucking over it’”
  3. Does it feel safe and empowering for me to swear? Cursing shouldn’t come at the cost of your safety or comfort. You can still get your message across without swearing.

If any are affirmative for you, there are some compelling reasons to integrate some well-considered curse words in your website copy:

7 Ways Swear Words on Your Therapist Website Can Help You Get More Clients 

1. Set Client Expectations

Don’t want your clients to be shocked when you drop an f-bomb during a session? Cursing up a storm on your therapist website will prepare them for it, in a good way. 

When you incorporate occasional curse words on your therapist website, you provide visitors a glimpse into how you are in the context of sessions. This sets you both up for a more open and genuine therapeutic relationship. 

If swearing is a part of you and how you speak, censoring yourself could impact the flow of your sessions. Do you want to spend your time hyper vigilant against swearing? Or, would you rather be fully present, swear words and all, for your clients? Full presence and flow may be more possible if you know that you set the expectation that you swear from their first moment of connection with you on your website.

2. Connect with Others Who Swear

Language, with all its intricacies and nuances, is like a bridge that connects individuals and communities together. Similar to how two complete strangers can find instant camaraderie through speaking the same language, therapists who include a touch of profanity on their website copy can attract clients (and referral sources!) who share a similar linguistic temperament. 

Beyond just words, it’s about a shared reality that can set the stage for a therapeutic journey based in a way of expression you both participate in. 

3. Reflect How Your Clients Speak 

Unquestionably, one of the most important pieces of effective therapist website copy is mirroring what your clients say – both what they would say out loud and what they’d say in their head. 

If your clients swear, then reflecting their expressions back to them is simply copy writing best practice. 

Like if they might stay, “I’m a mom who does everything for everyone and I’m tired of this shit!” then imagine the impact of putting something like that on your website – shit and all. 

That mom will think you climbed into her head, or at least into that moment yesterday where she hid in the pantry with a snack for five minutes to escape the constant “mom? mom? MOmmm!” She’ll be relieved to see that you get it and to the level of the pure exasperation that could not be expressed without the use of the profane. 

4. Challenge Conventional Professionalism

Professionalism is both essential and evolving. Today, there’s more space for therapists to show up authentically than ever before. You can choose to wear a cardigan and share nothing about yourself or you could dye your hair pink, rock some tattoos, and scream “life fucking sucks ass sometimes” from the rooftops in an empathetic battle cry. Or you could mix some of those things together. It’s really up to you.

We no longer live in a time where there’s one set way for therapists to be “professional.” By embracing the occasional curse word, therapists can redefine professionalism as a commitment to showing up in a way that’s real and really human.

5. Inspire Clients To Be Authentic 

By integrating authentic language, including curse words, therapists can initiate a reciprocal environment of openness from the moment the client lands on their website. This simple act can kick off the relationship with shared humanity, encouraging clients to embrace things about themselves that might be deemed as shame-worthy and paving the way for profound growth. 

Can therapists swear their way to being beacons of empowerment? We say yes. Imagine how inspiring it would be for website visitors to witness you showing up as your true self. To see you showing up as who you truly are – swear words and all. 

6. Embrace Your True Self 

What if you don’t have to hide? And instead could be you?

We often think of things like our therapist website as only an opportunity to meet the needs of our business. Needs like “get more clients” or “answer questions about my services.” 

But websites are also a place where therapists can experience their needs as humans being met as well. Needs like growth, exploration, and expression.

Would it be healing to be seen as who you genuinely are? Imagine boldly presenting your true self, complete with colorful language, and realizing that you truly belong.

Say sh*t. Be seen. Embrace you.

7. Keep It Real

Mental health can be extremely dark. It can feel like a heavy rain cloud that hangs persistently over your head. Or like being stuck in a tornado of constant stress.

No matter where you go or what you do, it can all just feel, well, overwhelming.

It is usually from this state that people are seeking the help of a therapist. And well-curated profanity can help speak to the reality of that pain. Like consider the difference between a therapist saying, “sometimes life feels dark” and “sometimes life feels f*cking dark” – as long as there is alignment between how the therapist speaks and the clients speaks, the addition of a curse could make it feel more true. 

Some swearing makes things feel more real – emphasis that only a curse could convey.

How To Integrate Curse Words on Your Therapist Website

If you are ready to drop some swearing into your website copy, below you’ll find some practical advice on how to incorporate curse words into your website copy most effectively including what words to use, at what density, and a list of some curse-filled inspiration. 

What Sh*t To Use 

The following four swear words can be used to describe both the negative and positives of life. As such, we believe they can be worked into therapist website copy. The five words are: 

  • Shit
  • Fuck
  • Badass
  • Damn

All other swear words should be evaluated for resonance. Derogatory or sexual swear words, such as  “dick”, “cunt”, “wanker”, “asshole” etc would not work in the context of most therapist websites. However, depending on the use case, could see curse words like “bitch” being used. E.g., “become the bad bitch you are!” may resonate with some populations. 

Further swear words may also go through periods or be used in certain populations for reclamation for personal empowerment – in which case, alignment with both the authenticity of the word’s use and the therapist’s comfort using the word – ought to be the evaluating factor as to whether or not to use it on a therapist website.

How Often To Use That Sh*t

Swearing on a therapist website, to be most effective, needs to have the right density of swears. For example, every third word should not be a curse word… but a couple f-bombs per page? Probably ok! 

Determine your right-fit-curse-word-density by matching your real life level of cursing. How much do you curse in real life? And can you match that frequency on your website copy? 

Also consider your clients, your comfort level, and the necessity of the curse to convey your message. Instead of bombarding your website with expletives, it’s much better to intentionally weave them in where they emphasize a point or evoke an emotion. 

The goal is connect, not go for shock value or alienate.

Making Sh*t Creative

Language is art. And art thrives on creativity. When incorporating cursing onto your therapist website, part of the process is finding inventive ways to incorporate the language so that it’s most aligned with you. 

Utilizing asterisks, styled typography, or clever word substitutions can influence impact. By being creative, you can transform to authenticity amplifiers.   

Here are some examples:

Fuck vs F*ck vs F**k and Shit vs Sh*t 

The more asterisks, the softer that sh*t lands, when in doubt: asterisk it out

“F**k that” vs. “F-that” and “Bullshit” vs “BS”

“F-that” and “BS” could be more aligned with what’s actually being said. Some say “fuck that” while others say “eff that.” So depending on if you are expressing from your authentic voice as a therapist and fellow human or from the voice of the client, go with what matches what would actually be said out loud. 

“Fucking” vs. “Fuckin’ “

The apostrophe makes it more cute. And quicker to say. It also another case in which it may make sense to go with how it’s actually said out loud. Is the “g” pronounced? Or not? Note that this could also be determined by the region you practice in.

Go Ahead And Steal This Sh*t

Here are some examples of profanity-embracing phrases that may work in the context of marketing and selling therapy services. Feel free to steal any phrase that inspires you!

Fucked Up Shit People Go Through

  • Life is fuckin’ hard sometimes
  • Shit has hit the fan
  • “Fuck this shit!”
  • Navigating through a shitstorm of struggle
  • Feels like life has thrown you a f**king curveball
  • Shit’s gotten real
  • Doing adulting bullsh*t
  • Damn hard
  • Challenging as fuck
  • On the sh*tty side of life
  • F**ckin’ dark
  • Life’s f**cked up moments
  • What the f*ck is going on?
  • “I’m fucked”
  • Dealing with other people’s BS
  • Sometimes you ask, “who gives a fuck?”
  • Who the fuck am I?
  • “What the actual fuck?”
  • Super fucked up things from the past
  • Too fuckin’ hard on yourself

Damn, These Are Motivational

  • You are fucking awesome
  • You got this shit
  • You can and you fucking will
  • You are amazing as fuck
  • You fucking got this
  • You are a baddass
  • …you’re fucking right

Only Badasses Achieve These 

  • Rise above the bullsh*t
  • Start kicking ass
  • Healing like a f**cking boss
  • Unleash your inner baddass
  • Turning scars into f**king badges of honor
  • Conquer that sh*t!
  • Break free and kick ass
  • You did that sh*t!
  • Do the fucking thing
  • Making shit happen
  • Calm as sh*t
  • Hell yeah!
  • Living your best life, dammit 
  • Stop half assing, start full assing

The Profanity Paradox: Can Swearing Increase Connection?

In the vibrant tapestry of marketing, where words paint and connections weave, liberate your linguistic flair on your therapist website. Sprinkle well-chosen curse words like confetti, creating your unique aura of authenticity. From f**king awesome affirmations to kick-ass empathy, your website can create space for swear-infused linguistic reality. 

If you have the courage to unleash your inner badass and let the profanity flow, a well-placed curse can be the magic potion for connection and growth. Say it boldly, celebrate your truth, and let your website radiate as a testament to unapologetic authenticity.

Amidst a world of censor bars, who you are can shine brighter than a supernova. Embrace your genuine self, and remember: a curse word might just be the enchantment that unlocks doors of transformation for both you and your clients. 

Here’s to embracing your inner rebel, revolutionizing the world of therapy—one well-placed f-bomb at a time. Happy writing!