This isn’t a how to post for writing your therapist website. This isn’t a post where you’ll learn about common mistakes to avoid or insights to implement.

It’s a post to encourage you.

A post to give you a bit of hope.

What I Know To Be True About You As A Therapist: You Have Incredible Empathy

After working with therapists for years, I’ve seen how far their empathy and compassion can extend.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen therapists spend their time off at a conference learning a new trauma skill or reading psychology research by the pool.

Or how many posts I’ve seen where therapists are asking for help on their tough client cases. Or seeking out supervision and consultation.

Or I see them going out of their way to find the perfect book to recommend to help their client beyond the time the client is in their office.

When It Comes To Your Therapist Website Copy, Put That Empathy Into Words

Despite the deep well of empathy that therapists have cultivated, many therapists get completely stuck with their website copy.

Maybe you fear that you won’t say the right things or that you’ll say too much.

Or you don’t know where to start. You have empathy but how do you exactly communicate it?

The thing is, with all of the empathy you have, you actually already know exactly what needs to be said on your website.

The Copy You Need On Your Website Is In Your Heart

Just like a therapist who guides a client to awakening to their own wisdom, you hold website copywriting wisdom inside of you as well.

You think, know, and feel everything that needs to be said in your copy, it just needs to be guided out. Once accessed, this stuff just needs to be organized in sequence that makes sense.

It might need some structure to make it more readable. It might need some formatting, like headings and lists. Or it might need some editing to ensure it’s meeting the needs of your best fit clients – meeting what they need in that moment when they are researching who to go with.

But you already KNOW this stuff.

Find Some Support And Start Writing

I hope that discovering that you actually already have all of the inner knowing that you might need to write amazing website copy should be of some comfort. You can do it and do it remarkably well.

The next step is to find resources to help.

Some resources that can help you could be to form a mastermind with other therapists and get feedback. Or you could also find a copywriter or editor.

Or you might start off with something like Empathycopy which helps you create drafts your copy by simply answering some questions that uncover who you are and how you help and structures it for the web.

You have the answers, now follow up with uncovering what they are. You got this.